Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The new industry trend in pos hardware

We know that how mobile phones changed the life style of people and within the few years of development in the pos industry, the point of sale hardware used with mobile devices has become more and more dominant in industries like restaurants and retail stores. When talking about restaurants and retail shops most of you think that the primary goal of pos here is payment processing. Yes it is, but the companies now become more smart and they focus  on different parts of the consumer buying process, such as ordering, up-selling or so-called "suggestive" selling of complementary products. The most important considerations when integrating mobile hardware into a POS system (new or existing) are security encryption, wireless capability, and durability.

The reasons for integrating pos hardware into mobile phones are mainly to offer a cool factor to customers and also it is a lower initial investment. Most of the industries are now started to know the importance of pos hardware integration in mobile phones and they believe that it will give the comfort level to their customers with modern technology. 
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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Testing headphones

Celebrities from Kanye West to Lady Gaga are touting headphones for Beats by Dr. Dre. We bring those into our laboratories for testing, as well as model from Bose, Sony, Panasonic etc

We tried a variety of types, including studio-style, portable, noise-canceling, and noise-isolating phones.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Responsible electronics recycling

It is very important for the safety of our environment that people responsible recycling for the electronic devices. There are so many companies are more dedicated to this cause and they will take your electronics devices or proper disposal and recycling and special services. 

Electronic devices that can be eliminated are cameras, computers, old cell phones, printers and any other device, telecommunications equipment that you can think of. Proper disposal of electronic devices, including computers that are deadly toxins and harmful materials is not set in the landfill and seep sites later in natural environments. 

Studies show that in the next decade of millions of old computers and other electronic devices will be carelessly disposed in landfills. Electronic devices contain all the harmful elements that may damage the ecosystem and even to pollute drinking water.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

A great thing to get cheap electronics

The great thing about these TV sets is that they can be hung on the wall like a picture, and they can be converted to wireless monitors. Without chaos, wireless, same quality images. However, for those who want to experience the 3D TV, then choose that the LEDs on these are those who are at the forefront of this technology. 

There are LCD TVs that 3D are compatible, now cheap but the developer is not the quality safe. Having great Tv really counts, especially after a stressful day at work. Although the purchase of advanced unit of TV can be expensive, it is a way of finding cheap units of LCD and LED TV. Just make sure that the selected models of everything that it should not be considered as a unit. 

They should have USB ports, should be compatible, they have the superior sound quality, even if they are not connected to a sound system and should be standards that are set to drive digital TV on the internet.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Buy cheap electronics can be a good idea

Prices of LCD and LED TV set today surprisingly high and not many can afford to buy them, even if they make it easier to watch digital images that come from the network today. But fret not, there is a solution and it's not a good solution is painful. When it comes to LEDS and LCDS does not need to be very expensive. It is important to remember that the only difference between LCD and LED TV LED lamps are used. Digital TV screens for both is exactly the same. LED though thinner because the bulb is small and thin as well. So when it is a place on the back and on the side, they occupy less space. But the images that come to the same and they look the same.

In the past, it was true that the quality of the images that are displayed on the LCD screens were not so sharp and LEDS are well lit. But since that time, the LCD technology has matured, that the only difference between the two, other than light LED is the price. LED TVs are way too overpriced compared to LCD. Choose your BluRay movies big homeowners watch DVDs, they will be able to enjoy watching them from the LCD TV the same quality. There is no actual difference.

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