Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Build Your Website More Interesting With Animated Content

In today's competitive web marketplace, you have to do everything you can to set yourself apart from all of the others. You want your site to look interesting and fun, One of the great ways to display your wares or provide convenient services on your site is to use animated plugins. Here's some information about the kinds of animated content features you could add to your website.

-- Website Calculators

If you are a real estate agent or insurance representative, the visitors to your web site may have need of a handy calculator that can help them to figure their costs right then and there

-- 3-D Carousels

Products you wa nt to highlight can be shown via a moving, 3-D carousel on any page of your website. 3-D is much more eye-catching and interesting without being over the top.

-- Accordion Animation

Putting separate information modules into accordion form not only saves space, it also looks incredibly professional and sharp.

Too much animation content may lead to slower downloading of your site, so exercise care and good sense when using this valuable tool.


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