Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Amazing Internet-ready Mobile Phones

As you might be aware, mobile phones are the fast growing products in the world markets. With the development in technology, mobile phones are being used for voice as well as data applications. Many operators and service providers believe that mobile phones will become the primary medium to access information on the Internet, replacing laptops and PCs.
Access to e-mail and news updates are common reasons that drive demand for Internet access on mobile phones. “Apart from these, there are certain other applications that have gained popularity, such as social networking websites like Face book and Orkut. Also, messenger services (of Yahoo, Gtalk, AIM, etc) will soon replace the SMS services

Do you have the bandwidth?

Lots of mobile phone applications based on the Internet demand good download speeds. The speed and Data rates are critical in applications like video streaming, audio file downloads and live TV. Speeds Provided by 2G is good for e-mails or small data transfer applications. But applications like video streaming or live TV require a high bandwidth and higher download speeds.
The pleasure of accessing the Internet on a mobile can only be felt with high speed. “Once you have 3G speed on your mobile, which is about 3.6 MBps downlink, you can watch a video on the move. This happens by using the Internet as the backbone. The video file resides on the server, to which you can connect using 3G connectivity, and view a video online just like you would see it on a TV monitor or LAN

Features that matter
Another important factor that controls your access to the Internet on a mobile phone is the mobile Web browser. The browsers greatly differ in features and the operating systems they are supported with. An ideal browser should have features like multi-tabs; zoom in and compressed downloads for fast browsing, bookmarking and customization. Opera Mobile offers the multi-tab feature while Opera Mini offers compression for fast browsing. Google Android and Safari provide a rich display of websites. Mozilla’s Minimo and Microsoft IE for mobiles are some other popular mobile Web browsers.


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