Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Mass Effect in Galaxy on the iPhone and iPod Touch

Mass Effect on the iPhone is almost the exact opposite of the condition we had with Peggle, as we’d played the full and original Mass Effect several times and loved it. It was our type of game and we had high hopes intended for what BioWare might achieve on the iPhone, even if their inevitable RPG took a more informal bent.

Unfortunately though, those hopes were quickly shattered upon playing the game as, not only are Mass Effect: Galaxy not evens remotely an RPG, but it’s also utter dross.

Following the anti-Batarian adventures of biotic mercenary Jacob Taylor (who’s set to show in Mass Effect 2), Galaxy is a straight-up, top-down shooter controlled with the accelerometer – a tool we’ve yet to see used to decent effect as the main input used for the game.


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