Thursday, July 29, 2010

KISS-brand TVs - shooting flames are optional

For KISS fans not yet willing or able to confront their own mortality by buying a $4,500 KISS Kasket coffin, there's a new way to show your love for the band: a limited-edition line of KISS-brand HDTVs.

The TVs, manufactured by a company called RTC, are 1080p LCD models with LED backlights and 120Hz technology. The TVs come in 32-, 40- and 46-inch screen sizes, with prices ranging from $800 to $1,400. According to the KISS TV website, the sets have a "diamond-plated look to the casing" and embossed KISS logos on each side; every time you turn on the set, you'll be treated to an eight-second image of the band. Only 15,000 KISS HDTVs will be made worldwide, the website claims.

The TVs come in collector's edition packaging, and include free shipping within the U.S. You can buy the TVs via RTC's website, and an extended warranty is offered on the TV; based on the info I saw, it looks like it costs $200 for a five-year plan, though I didn't spend the time to see exactly what was covered. But KISS the band has been touring for 36 years; if the sets last even a third that long, my guess is that buyers will be happy.


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