Monday, July 26, 2010

Sony Working On Blu-ray Technology

A team of scientists from the Tohoku University in Japan has joined with Consumer electronics giant Sony to develop a blue-violet laser that may possibly one day burn 1TB Blu-Ray discs.

That's generally 20 times more than today's Blu-Ray blank disks and would be enough to backup those multi-terabyte hard disk drives.

Sony Working On Blu-ray TechnologyThe reports that laser has an output of 100W which is 100 times more powerful than the “world's highest output values for the conventional blue-violet pulse semiconductor lasers.”

It can actually generate beams of light of 405nm, which is at on the extreme of the electromagnetic spectrum, and last for only 3 ps.

Other Japanese firm, such as Sharp, has developed 100GB BDXL discs which stuff more layers per blank disks while Sony's route is to get the higher bit density on one layer.

Eventually, combining both technologies could mean multi-terabyte Blu-Ray disk until the first generation of customer grade 3D holographic storage makes them all obsolete.

Regardless, with more and more contented being stored in the cloud, the very future of onsite, physical storage may well is at stake although 1TB is a heck lot of the data to transfer.


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