Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Two unique SLR-like cameras plus an SLR introduced by Sony

Sony has just announced two new SLR-like cameras with new technology and a unique design. The 16-megapixel alpha SLT-A55 and the 14-megapixel alpha SLT-A33 digital cameras include non-moveable translucent mirrors that both reflect the image and let it pass through to the camera's imaging sensor. This is unlike any SLR, which must flip up the mirror for the sensor to capture an image. And other SLR-like models have no mirror at all.

Unlike all SLRs, these two new Sony’s will not have through-the-lens viewfinders, but will instead include a high-quality 1.1-million-dot electronic viewfinder. This is similar to the one found on the first SLR-like camera, the Panasonic G1, which displays the same image captured on the image sensor.

Both cameras will also have a 3-inch swiveling LCD with 921,000 dots, which should make them quite sharp. Like all cameras in the Alpha series, both accept all Alpha series SLR lenses without an adapter, unlike Sony's NEX series of cameras, which require one.

The A33 will cost $750 with an 18-55mm lens or $650 body only and be available in September. The A55 will cost $850 with an 18-55mm lens or $750 body only and be available in October.

Also, Sony has introduced a new SLR, the 14-megapixel alpha A560, which replaces the A550. For the first time in a Sony SLR, it includes full HD-resolution video recording. It also includes many features found on its predecessor, plus sweep panorama, 3D sweep panorama, multi-frame noise reduction and quick AF live view modes found on other Sony models.


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