Thursday, September 23, 2010

Bluetooth Offer for good value

While there's not an entire lot of sizzle in Dual Electronics' new XDMA6630 Bluetooth stereo, there is a reasonable portion of steak here. This is a well-priced yeoman product featuring all you had expected from an entry-level device without economical on any features and leaving newcomers with buyer's remorse.

The Bluetooth technology arrives with an exterior microphone that can be mounted in the automobile. A front-panel USB connection gives users direct control over iPods and iPhones through a not-included sync cable, even as also charging the mobile device.

A 3.5-mm auxiliary input complement the USB port and it features a detachable face and wireless remote control. At 60 watts per speaker output, the XDMA6630 also offers more oomph than you'd come across in comparable stereos.

With no remarkable home run feature setting this above all others, gadget geeks will not dribble over the XDMA6630. But buyer looking for a solid stereo that offers the whole thing they'll need at a price that's reasonable if not dirt cheap will promote from dialing up this Dual.

Sound ID has notched an industry first with the introduction of its 510 Bluetooth Headset, which is well-matched with the manufacturer's newly launched iPhone EarPrint App.

Battery life is a reputable five hours of talk time and 135 hours of standby time. The features are solid, but what sets this separately is the sound customization afforded by EarPrint. If you are a tinkerer, can't leave well enough alone need to fine-tune everything, it does not get superior to the 510.


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