Monday, September 20, 2010

NXP reveals 150MHz ARM Cortex M3

NXP has announced what it claim is industry's highest performance ARM Cortex-M3 microcontroller LPC1800, as it is called, can work at 150MHz straight from its 1Mbyte flash memory, or from RAM.

The flexible dual-bank 256 bit wide flash memories can be used for the concurrent W/A operations, allowing “golden copy” preservation and prevention of reprogramming mishap, or simply used as a single bank of memory," said NXP.

Dual-bank architecture provides the highest reliability in-application and allows for non-stop flash operation. The compact has developed with two new peripherals for this M3, a quad-SPI interface and a state-configurable timer sub-system.

The state-configurable timer has a time array and state-machine that enables, for example, event controlled PWM waveform generation, ADC synchronization and dead time control."This timer subsystem gives embedded designer’s increased flexibility to create user-defined wave-forms and control signals for many applications including power conversion, lighting and motor applications," said the firm.


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