Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Plans to increase online privacy by conflict administration

The New York Times reported yesterday that the two government agencies in the united states are developing separate and possibly challenging, proposals on how to deal with rising online privacy concern.

The Commerce Department that would propose allowing the online advertising industry to self-regulate, much like the customer agreements that people already check off when they visit certain websites.
Plans to increase online privacy by conflict administrationFederal Trade Commission officials are considering a stricter regulation, such as a "do not track" option that would let users tell sites not to collect info about them. This would be similar to prevent telemarketers from calling at all hours.

Online advertisers would like to keep their talent to create targeted ads in their present form while consumer groups lean towards trade commission official’s idea of a "do not track" function.

The Wall Street Journal reported yesterday that some of the sites are actually reining in their tracking tools, but not just out of the goodness of their corporate hearts. Some Web publishers realized that tracking tools were operating on their sites without their knowledge and that they were missing an opportunity to profit from their users' data.


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