Monday, December 13, 2010

Features we want to see about Apple iPad 2:

Everywhere Apple fans are hoping the rumors about the new Apple iPad 2 by the next year 2011. Apple iPad 2 is a powerful combination of flexibility and portability, including it having the easy navigation and an excellent effective keyboard.

Features in Apple iPad 2:
  • Flash compatibility.
  • Retractable stand or built-in legs.
  • Front webcam.
  • 4G wireless on Verizon.
  • USB ports, memory card slots.
  • Better carrying case.
  • Two slider switches.
  • iTunes tweaks for photos .
  • Better books.
Other features mentioned about Apple iPad 2 were:
  1. Letter synching for pages;
  2. The ability to have two apps open at once and toggle back and forth;
  3. A print feature;
  4. A file manager;
  5. Stereo speakers;
  6. A user-replaceable battery;
  7. The ability to charge even from standard USB ports; a tabbed Web browser;
  8. The option of sending a highlighted note in an iBook to another computer;


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