Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Microsoft to introduce new tablets at CES to compete with iPad

Nearly twenty years ago, Microsoft introduced its first tablet computer software, Windows for Pen Computing. And ever since, the company has pushed touchscreen technology as the next wave in personal computing. Yet, despite its early start and aggressive efforts to popularize tablets, Microsoft now finds itself playing catchup to Apple and, to a lesser extent, Google's Android OS, as it finalizes plans to roll out its next tablet offerings next month.

The New York Times reports that "according to people familiar with Microsoft’s plans, Steve Ballmer, Microsoft’s chief executive, is expected to announce a number of these devices when he takes the stage at C.E.S., showcasing devices built by Samsung and Dell, among a number of other manufacturing partners."

Microsoft's plans apparently include new devices that run on the company's Windows 7 operating system and include cellphone-like slide-out keyboards. According to the Times, Samsung's device will be "similar in size and shape to the Apple iPad, although it is not as thin. It also includes a unique and slick keyboard that slides out from below for easy typing." Read More


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