Sunday, April 3, 2011

IEEE Launches Cloud Computing Initiative

IEEE, the world's largest professional association advancing technology for people today announced the launch of its new Cloud Computing Initiative. Designed to serve as the catalyst for advance in the cloud computing area, it is the first broad-scope, forward-looking cloud computing plan to be put forth by a global standards growth organization. The effort is kicking off with the approval of two new standards development projects

IEEE P2301 - Guide for Cloud Portability and Interoperability Profiles
It will provide profiles of obtainable and in-progress cloud computing standards in critical areas such as application, management, portability and interoperability interfaces, as well as file formats and operation conventions

IEEE P2302 - Standard for Intercloud Interoperability and Federation
It defines essential protocols, topology, functionality, and governance required for reliable cloud-to-cloud interoperability and federation.

Since its inception, the Internet has gone through fundamental changes driven by the identical twin engines of continued technology advancement and developing user expectations. Cloud compute today is very much similar to the budding Internet a disruptive technology and business model that is primed for explosive growth and rapid transformation. But lacking a flexible, common framework for interoperability, innovation could become quiet, leaving us with a siloed ecosystem. By leveraging its completely deep and broad technological resources and know-how, IEEE is helping to diminish fragmentation and make sure that cloud computing realizes its full potential.


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