Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Technologies in Animations

The arrival of film technology opened opportunities to develop the art of animation. The basic animation method is described in the article Animation, and the classic, hand-drawn technology in Traditional animation.

The first cartoon with coordinated sound is often identified as Walt Disney's Steamboat Willie, starring Mickey Mouse in 1928, but Max Fleischer's 1926 My Old Kentucky Home is less popularly but more correctly credited with this innovation. Fleischer also untested rotoscoping, whereby animation could be traced from a live action film.

With the arrival of sound film, musical themes were often used. Animated characters usually performed the action in "loops", i.e., drawings were repeated over and over, synchronized with the music. The music used is often unique but musical quotation is often employed.

Today, animation is commonly created with computers, giving the animator new tools not available in hand-drawn traditional animation. However, many types of animation cannot be called "cartoons", which implies somewhat that resembles drawings. An animated cartoon created using Adobe Flash is sometimes called a webtoon.


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