Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Electronic Bidding transfer of Bid Express

Electronic bidding is the electronic transfer of plan bid data between DOTs and bidders. Electronic bidding can also either supplement or replace traditional paper bid documents.

With Internet bidding, the bid tab information controlled on the CD/floppy disk becomes a bid proposal. So when the bidder digitally signs and submits bid tab in sequence (bid proposal) via the Internet, no paper is necessary or CD/floppy disk needed. With Internet bid submission, usually called two-way electronic bidding, the need for data entry on the DOTs' part is eliminated.

Bid Express serves as an interface between the speed up module to exchange bid information between the DOTs and the bidders. Info Tech is a Florida-based group that owns Bid Express. Through the Bid Express web site, bidding service is contracted for by DOTs to handle their bidding process. This exchange service web site is where bidders find and present bid data. The DOT utilizes Bid Express to promote its contract Request for Proposals information and manage its bid submission process. When the bidder submits the offer data to Bid Express, the bid data is encrypted (transformed into an unreadable form to ensure privacy) and sent to secured computer servers in Florida and Georgia. These encrypted files are held in an electronic lockbox until the community bid opening.


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