Thursday, August 19, 2010

Motorola Droid 2 looks like another winner

The Motorola Droid 2, successor to the original Droid, went on sale August 12. Filling in for the vacationing Mike Gikas, I spent a few hours using the sample we purchased from a retailer. It offers several design refinements and handy new features. I found it easier to use than the original Droid smartphone and didn't encounter any notable drawbacks.

The Droid 2 is available from Verizon and costs $199 with a two-year contract. Verizon is reportedly offering an early upgrade, available now, to customers whose plans expire on any remaining date in 2010.

It's still a Droid. In form and design, the Droid 2 is barely distinguishable from the Droid. It's virtually the same size and weight, with nearly identical buttons and controls. It, too, has a slide-out keyboard, though it has been overhauled (more on that below). It comes with Android 2.2, the newest version of Google's operating system (the upgrade to 2.2 is being delivered to older Droids as I write this). All my attempts to verify that Adobe Flash 10.1 Player was running on the Droid 2 out of the box pointed to the conclusion that it wasn't running, even though there have been reports that Flash 10.1 is supposed to be bundled with the phone.


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