Thursday, August 19, 2010

D3100 SLR plus four lenses

Nikon just announced a new entry-level digital SLR camera, the 14-megapixel D3100, $700. It's a very compact, light SLR with full 1080p HD video capability (at 24 frames per second for up to 10 minutes per clip) and 3-inch liveview LCD. It replaces the Nikon D3000, which had neither capability.

One feature that looks promising: It will have what Nikon claims is full-time autofocus in liveview and D-Movie modes. So when the camera is shooting video, it should be able to autofocus much the way a camcorder can. For example, if a subject moves much closer to the camera, the D3100 should be able to automatically refocus, instead of maintaining a locked focus, the way it does when shooting still images. Nikon claims this is the first full-sized SLR to do this.


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