Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Pandigital unveils its second LCD-screen e-book reader

The new Pandigital Novel 7-Inch Color Multimedia eReader, with a suggested retail price of $199, is some seven ounces lighter than the older (and almost-identically named) Pandigital Novel 7-Inch Color Multimedia eReader White, which weighed and looked more like a frame than an e-book reader. The new model is also about a third of an inch smaller in both width and height.

Pandigital, a name known mostly for its digital picture frames, has unveiled its second e-book reader -one that appears a little less like a modified photo frame than the company's debut reader.

It also shares the LCD screen technology of its sibling and it, too, has a touchscreen. However, where the original Novel allows navigation via fingertip touch the new model will seemingly require the use of the provided stylus to do so—which is less convenient, due to the need to store the thing and the possibility of losing it.


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