Thursday, September 16, 2010

Workers attempted suicides reported at France Telecom

Five employees of France Telecom (FT) have committed suicide in past 10 days. Reportedly, the workers, who did not know each other and did not have any links between them, worked in different types of fields in different regions of France, This brings the total number of suicides by France Telecom workers to 23 this year, compared with 19 in 2009. French trade unions have strictly criticized France Telecom workers for mismanagement and insufficient measures.

In 2010 March, France Telecom released the details of its plans to address about the "social crisis" the company had been facing over the previous months. Since mid-2009, the company had been under fire due to instances of suicide by its staff, and in particular, the frequent relationship between working conditions / stress and decisions to commit suicide. As part of the plan, France Telecom was to recruit 3,500 people in 2010 in order to reduce work loads and stress. The company also said that job transfers would be voluntary and not mandatory. FT CEO said that senior managers would see 30 to 50% of their remuneration based on performance, including social performance measured according to factors like employee attendance and satisfaction. France Telecom also announced to ensure that managers would receive "sensitivity" training and that decision-making would become more decentralized.


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