Wednesday, October 6, 2010

How to protect yourself on Facebook

An egregious Facebook spammer, Adam Guerbuez, has been brought to justice. A Canadian court just slammed him with a verdict to pay FaceBook $100 for every one of the 4,366,386 spam messages he posted on Facebook profiles in March and April of 2008. That comes out to a monetary settlement of over 1 billion dollars (in U.S. currency).

So if you have wondered why your good friend is suddenly pitching male enhancement products on her Facebook wall, bear in mind that it may not have been her doing. Spammers hoping to exploit a whole new audience have figured out ways to trick FaceBook users out of their names and passwords. The spammers then post their questionable offerings posing as the tricked Facebook users.

How to protect yourself on Facebook

7 things to stop doing now on Facebook
  1. Using a weak password
  2. Leaving your full birth date in your profile
  3. Overlooking useful privacy controls
  4. Posting your child's name in a caption
  5. Mentioning that you'll be away from home
  6. Letting search engines find you
  7. Permitting youngsters to use Facebook unsupervised


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