Thursday, October 7, 2010

Archos 7 Home Tablet

This 7-inch tablet uses an early version of Android, which had a very high tendency to collide. In addition, the marketplace for the apps is not Google's Android Apps Market, but rather Archos' own more-limited store.

The display is a resistive touch screen. We had to press hard with our fingers to select items the particular on the screen, and there was often a delay before the device to respond. It was also very incorrect.
A stylus might have made using the touch screen easier, but none was included. You can zoom using the Archos; this function does not work as naturally as on the iPad. The display is locked in the landscape mode except when you are reading books, when it's locked in portrait mode.

Among the included apps is an e-book reader, but a page turns slowly and also the text quality wasn't up to par. There is an included e-mail app, but we couldn't open attachments. In addition, Adobe Flash isn't supported, so you'll need a separate app to view YouTube videos or perform other tasks that require Flash.


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