Friday, October 8, 2010

Logitech's variety show brings Google TV

If spending 1,000 dollars or more for a new "Google TV" just isn't in your budget means Logitech has a less to expensive. The Logitech Revue, an add-on box that brings the Google TV Web based platform to any current HDTV, provided home has broadband access.

Unveil yesterday, the Revue-priced at 300 dollars is a small set top box with built in Wi-Fi that sits between a cable or satellite box and an HDTV, connecting to each through HDMI connections. Using an built-in keyboard controller, the Revue provide the access to Internet content through the Google TV platform as well as control over receivers and DVRs.

Unlike other web connected TVs and Blu-ray players that also offer access to online content, however, it brings full Web browsing to the TV. You can use the wireless keyboard to the input or type search requests, and navigation is performed through a touch pad with scroll functionality. There are also back and Home buttons, plus others for power, volume, and DVR control. You can customize buttons to control other functions.


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