Monday, October 25, 2010

Samsung Galaxy Tab 7-in handheld tablet computer

Samsung Galaxy Tab 7-inch tablet is starting to develop in the marketplace. Sprint now announced that it will give offer for the device starting from November 14th for 400 dollars with also of two 3G plans.
  • 30 dollars per month for 2G
  • 60 dollars per month for 5GB
The above plans require a two-year agreement.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 7-in handheld tablet computerSprint's pricing model contrast sharply with the Verizon announced last week, which featured a 599.99 dollars and no bundling reduction.

Verizon announced that just one data plan: $20 per month for 1GB, which expenses more per GB than Sprint’s priced plan. There is no discount on the hardware and also no long-term assurance. It seems likely that-unlike Sprint's plans-the Verizon plan will run month-to-month.


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