Sunday, October 24, 2010

Sony’s first cassette Walkman

Sony decided to stop the progress of domestic shipments of new tape Walkmans - the brand with Sony’s digital music players using flash memory. The company made no official announcement, apart from to attach a brief declaration on the Walkman’s home page saying “production finished”. Once the current list runs out, Sony says the Walkman cassette will disappear altogether in Japan and other tape players and recorders will remain.

Sony’s first cassette WalkmanFor a product that has sold about 220 million units over its lifetime and put the company on the global map as an innovator.

Sony says it will go on to sell the product abroad especially in Asia and Middle East where tape Walkman demand is not “totally zero”, according to a company. Sony says manufacture of the cassette Walkman is outsourced to a Chinese contract manufacturer, which means pulling all together eventually will be easy. The last new tape Walkman model came out in 2008 and a new one can be bought for about 4,000 yen or 49 dollars.


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