Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Windows new model phone 7

In New York, the six new smart phones, unveiled yesterday at a press event. It will start on thumping the market in the month of November 2010, with a few launches stretching to mid 2011. The Phone was made by Samsung, HTC, and LG. The smart phones will be available on either T-Mobile or AT & T for about 200 dollars, and also excepting one that will be on run for a secret price.
Windows new model phone 7The operating systems collage-like interface borrows a lot from ones on the Zune HD media player and the in recent times departed Kin phones.
  1. Instead of icons, the main screen consists of customizable Tiles.

  2. Like widgets, show the real time update from the Web such as appointments, news, and feeds from social networking sites.

  3. The phones will preloaded with Xbox LIVE, Windows Live, Microsoft Office Mobile, Zune and the Bing search engine.

  4. Interface allows users to sync their multimedia content wireless from a Personal Computer.


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