Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Calling all robots - Embedded Live

Embedded Live have a plan to conduct the event is a live event on Wednesday, 20 October under Roboters Challenge for any attendee have a go with their have possession of robotics kits.

The only condition of this entry is that you have your own robot. There are three levels of robotics.
  1. Basic level
  2. Intermediate level
  3. Advanced level
Basic level

Arduino development - low cost, fun and ingenuity count highly, the specific challenges for “basic” robots.

Intermediate level
Lego Mindstorms plus Tetrix (or) POB (or) VEX based robots -Total cost of components is under £450 and mixing and matching is allowed. They cannot communicate with other computers when carrying out their tasks. Designs and software should be Open sourced.

Advanced level

Open section – The total cost of components can be up to the value of £950. Designs and software should be Open sourced.


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