Tuesday, February 1, 2011

IPv4 Address exhaustion, IPv6 agreement Accelerates

A10 Networks deliver the majority complete range of solutions to manage IPv4 protection, IPv6 migration and IPv4/IPv6 translation.

The technology leader in Application Delivery Controllers today announced that the IPv4 address pool is successfully exhausted according to industry accepted indicator. The final allocation under the easy to get to framework are now allocated, which trigger the processes for IANA to allocate the final five IPv4 /8 blocks, one to each of the five regional registries. With collapse of the IANA pool of IPv4 addresses, no further IPv4 addresses can be issued to the regional registries that make available addresses to organizations. 

IPv4 address weakening is a vital milestone that has been predictable for more than a decade, and poses a real business threat for service providers. Suppose if the service providers need to migrate users to IPv6 once there are no new IPv4 addresses to assign to new subscribers. However, there are overwhelming amounts of heritage IPv4 infrastructure, services, devices, applications and content. Service providers need high performance, practical and appropriate IPv4/IPv6 gateways for their networks. 


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